Can you provide raw footage?

Yes. We will still minimally process the files in order to make them as high quality as possible. Things we will do and look for:

  • Normalize audio levels and make a few tweaks
  • Apply a color grade, especially to flat footage (unless you request us to not)
  • Trim off and long portions either on the beginning or end of the footage that you don't want to see
  • Export to the file format that will best fit your needs, we will even go through multiple revisions as needed if you realize what you requested isn't quite what you needed.

The cost of this is $500.

Can I make adjustments to your packages?

Yes, because every wedding is different and unique, all of our packages can be adjusted to make sure your wedding day is captured to fit your needs.

How do you capture audio?

We use capture things like the ceremony and reception speeches with multiple microphones. We use a combination of lavalier microphone and external audio captures devices to get sound directly off of the DJ's board.

How will you send the files?

We upload all of your content to YouTube (unless you prefer us not to) and give a separate downloadable version of each film. We then add all of this to a webpage, making it easy to watch and download all of you content at any time without a fuss.

What's the difference between one camera operator and two camera operators?

The difference mostly stems from the ability to move one camera to re-establish an angle, confirm with the other operator that their angle is once again locked and then making adjustments to your angle if needed and vice versa.

Generally speaking if you want completely uninterrupted coverage of your ceremony, it requires two camera operators. On the other hand, if you don't mind a few seconds here and there have some slightly shaky footage or the framing to be slightly off, 1 operator is more than sufficient. Our most popular package is our standard package with 1 camera operator.

One camera operator is able to create a highlight video that includes portions from prep, the ceremony, speeches and dancing (essentially the entire day).

How quickly do you deliver everything?

  • Basic package: up to 6 weeks
  • Standard package: up to 5 weeks
  • Premium package: up to 4 weeks

If you would like a rushed delivery, just let us know while we're putting the contract together and we'll go over the options.

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